Zombie Collection

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Baby Terror

this graphic art piece delves into the realm of horror with a depiction of a baby zombie, creating a haunting visual where innocence clashes with the macabre, leaving a lasting impression of the uncanny

Macabre Puffscape

this graphic artwork portrays a zombie hand gripping a lit joint, blending the eerie macabre world of the undead with the laid-back vibe of relaxation

Undeath Salute

delve into the realm of bold expression with a graphic depiction of a zombie hand giving the middle finger, encapsulating an attitude of unyielding dissent within the undead realm

dedicated to my love

Undying Love

this artwork captures the essence of eternal love with a graphic depiction of two zombies sharing a meal ‘lady & the tramp’ style. the moonlit graveyard adds an eerie charm to the endearing scene.

Dreadful Decay

this graphic portrayal presents a zombie head in all its horrifying detail. with yellow teeth, a dislodged eyeball, and ghastly green liquid, the artwork embodies a haunting vision of terror