Pop art Collection

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Bite of Delight

this chic black woman takes center stage, her fashionable glasses enhancing the cool quotient as she relishes a hamburger. this artwork melds taste and trend in a viivid burst of colors

Surgical Couture

this extraordinary pop art piece portrays a black woman in a mesmerizing blend of surgical hues. from her sunglasses to her nails and earrings, every element aligns in a harmonious celebration of medical-inspired fashion.

Slices of Style

a tapestry of aesthetics unfolds as a stunning black woman becomes the canvas itself, her hair painted in vibrant hues of pink, harmonizing effortlessly with her chic sunglasses and the delectable notes of pepperoni pizza

Rouge Elegance

this artwork captures the essence of a black woman's timeless beauty, emphasized by her fiery red hair, fashionable glasses, and elegant choice of attire while holding a glass of wine.

Sip, Slay & Repeat

a beautiful black beauty rocking vibrant red locks and shades, confidently cradling her wine bottle like it’s the accessory of the year.

Threads of Heritage

the allure of this artwork lies in its gentle whispers of heritage. through her fashion, this woman expresses her deep connection to her people’s homeland

Elegant Explorer

with pop art flair, a black woman becomes a symbol of individuality as she clutches binoculars, her eccentric earrings conveying her bold personality and keen observations