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Holiday 2023 Collection

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Yoda’s Yuletide Cuppa

Yoda enjoys the holidays from within a coffee mug, dressed as Santa and holding a pocket-sized Darth Vader ornament for extra cheer.

Holiday Gaze

Bathed in festive red, green, and white, our elegant explorer revels in the holiday joy as she peeks through her 'Ho Ho' binoculars. Eccentric earrings showcase her lively spirit and festive attentiveness."

Holiday Couture

Evoking the holiday spirit, our beautiful fashion icon dons 'Ho Ho' glasses and earring ornaments amidst a luxurious backdrop of gold, green, white, and red, where holiday couture brings the magic of the season to her wardrobe

Festive Bite of Delight

A stylish black woman embraces the merriment of the season, savoring a delightful cookie with 'Joy' glasses amidst a luxurious palette of gold, green, white, and red, where taste meets holiday glamour

Holiday Elegance

This captivating black beauty epitomizes the essence of the season in her chic glasses, while her elegant festive dress and wine glass showcase an exquisite blend of style and holiday allure

Tidings of Glamour

this drawing paints a picture of elegance with a beautiful of elegance with a stunning woman bedecked in a cute Santa hat, stylish glasses, and festive Christmas tree earrings. The backdrop, alive with vibrant hues, adds a touch of magic to this holiday-inspired masterpiece

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