BW Abstract Collection

Facets of Color

this abstract artwork skillfully composes a black woman’s face with at least a dozen distinct vibrant colors, each contour separated by bold black lines, celebrating the richness of diversity and creating a mosaic of vibrancy and depth

Colors of Joyful Expectation

a captivating depiction of a pregnant black woman comes to life in vibrant hues, accentuating her growing form and the anticipation of new life with a visual celebration of color

Vibrant Visionary

a stunning black woman commands attention in vibrant hues, her gaze towards the unknown radiating positivity and a deep-seated assurance that embraces the world around her

Chromatic Expression

this drawing reinvents a face in abstract form, where vivid colors find definition through the contrast of dark lines. the result is an artwork that beckons with its harmonious chaos.

Abstract Kaleidoscope

this extraordinary artwork transforms a face into an abstract marvel, with vibrant colors delineated by bold lines. each hue bursts forth, creating a mesmerizing symphony of color and contrast

Peaceful Serenity

in a minimalist approach, a black woman’s closed eyes radiate tranquility and grace. the subtle hues of orange, black and brown infuse the artwork with a sense of serene beauty and peace.

Assertive Allure

in this artwork, a confident black woman stands poised, projecting an aura that transcends appearances. her daring expression challenges the observer to recognize her empowerment

Vibrant Profile

a striking side profile of a black woman takes form with an array of browns and vibrant colors. the deliberate contrast created by sharp dark lines elevates the visual impact of the artwork