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TheDocArts LLC

black surgeon with surgical cap and surgical mask looking down
Female Designer Drawing in Notepad in Studio
bottom half of that same surgeon showing her surgical gown. she is holding an apple pencil in her right hand and a scapel in her left hand both hovering over ipad with the same image of her doing the same thing. it's a cool inception concept

“creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties”

-Erich Fromm

TheDocArts LLC

About TheDocArts LLC

TheDocArts LLC

Photo of the artist next to her display of all of her arts at her first vendor event. She is wearing colorful overalls and a black shirt.
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Mountain View, CA

Oak Grove High School

San Jose, CA

Mountain View, CA

Redwood City, CA

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San Francisco, CA


Durham, NC


how do i order?

Etsy! i just launched my Etsy shop for all prints on various merch. you can also email ( or DM me your order and avoid any Etsy fees.

What are non-Etsy purchasing options?

you can check out my price list page with its own FAQ or attend one of my in-person events.

do you do refunds?

as of now, all sales are final. support a small business!

do you do commissioned work?

unfortunately not at this time. between my clinical work, school work and research, i am not able to take on commissions at this time. however, you can request art print customizations for an additional fee. please DM or email your requests and i will accommodate as best as I can.

Reach out!

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TheDocArts LLC

est. 2023